The Clumsy CrossFitter

I completed the 5th and final workout of the Crossfit Open yesterday!  I had to do the scaled version of the workout because I am completely incapable of doing double unders with my jump rope (argh!).

17.5 was as follows:

10 rounds for time of:

9 thrusters at 45 lbs / 35 single under jump ropes

After I was done with the workout (finished with a time of 9:40), the person counting for me pointed out that I kept messing up on my jump ropes because I did a weird kick, which caused the rope to go between my legs and get caught.  Another person pointed out the weird kick to me as well and stated that he had never seen anyone have such an issue with having the rope end up in between their feet.

I have also fallen more than my fair share of times trying to do pistols (one legged squats)…

Soldier steps?  Ya know, the ones that you just kick your leg really high and touch your toes.  I have fallen over doing those too.

17.2 had several squat snatches that increased in weight as the workout went on.  At one point, I was doing the 35 lb bar and dropped it on my head.  Later in the workout, when the weight had increased to 95 lbs, I dropped the barbell so that it landed on my lower back – I still have no idea how I managed that.

Does anyone else have these issues or am I the only clumsy CrossFitter out there?


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